Henry F. Holden (born June 28, 1965), also known by his stage names "Henry The Man" and "The Mayor of Uptown New Orleans", is an American rapper, record producer, television producer and entrepreneur. He has countless music and community awarness Awards. He was originally known as The Mayor of the UPT and then as Henry The Man (The Mayor being often used as a nickname, but never as recording names). In August 2005, he changed his stage name to simply "The Man", but continues to use the name Henry The Man aswell.
When Henry F. Holden and his partners were developing what would become the signature item of their restaurant, Big Momma's Chicken and Waffles, he admits they were pursuing an amorphous goal. The testing went on for several months.

"I didn't know what we were looking for," he said, "but I knew it was supposed to taste good and better than what we tasted before."
Music has always been at the heart of his career. He is a recognized producer, who has produced and launched careers and chart-topping hit songs for music southcoast superstars including Choppa, DJ Jubilee, and Baby Boy The Prince.

TAKE FO’ Records emerged in 1992 and quickly became the center of the New Orleans hip hop movement. Bounce music was the new sound at that time and TAKE FO’ was responsible for introducing this new dance phenomenon to the country.
This is a charity started by The Henry F. Holden Foundation. They collect new teddy bears for children who has been hospitalized for surgery, cancer and other life threatening illnesses and then deliver them to local hospitals. These bears are for the children to hold when they are scared and lonely since their families may not be able to be with them 24/7.

All of our bears need to be new due to the fact that these children may have weakened or no immune systems as a result of the treatment or from their illness itself.

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Henry F. Holden
Holden was born in New Orleans and grew up in The St. Thomas Housing Projects. In 1985 he worked as a independant producer, camera operator and floor director at a local tv production studio, and then founded Take Fo Records in 1992. His business interests under the umbrella of Henry F. Holden, Inc.; the clothing lines Big Dogg and Big Dogg sports wear, a video production company; a record label and a restaurant. He has taken the roles of recording executive, performer, producer of BET's Bobby Jones Gospel, writer, arranger, chef and clothing designer,  making him the most influencial figure in hip hop.

Holden relied on skills acquired working in the restaurants of John Besh and those growing up in a family of fried chicken loving chefs -- as a teen Henry worked with both his mother and aunt at Charlie's Steakhouse -- to arrive at the recipe for Big Momma's signature. With partners Earl Mackie and Larry Lee, a onetime member of KFC's corporate restaurant team, the chef-entrepreneur hopes to expand Big Momma's internationally. And he believes New Orleans is a friendly proving ground.

Despite the genre's relative seclusion, elements of bounce have influenced a variety of other southern hip hop styles and have even slipped their way into the mainstream. Atlanta's crunk artists such as Lil Jon and the Ying Yang Twins frequently cite bounce chants in their songs, David Banner's hit "Like A Pimp" is constructed around a slowed down "Triggaman" sample and Memphis' DJ Paul's early mixtapes prominently feature samples from DJ Jimi's work, Gangsta Boo and Three Six Mafia, which has made a few bona fide bounce songs, and Beyoncé, a native of Houston, TX with roots in New Orleans, LA, released a bounce song, "Get Me Bodied" on her 2006 release, B'day, introducing the genre to pop listeners.
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Big Momma's Chicken & Waffles, which closed in May of 2012, gained some rather eyebrow-raising attention after it was featured on an episode of The Food Network’s Health Inspectors, a show that helps restaurants with health code violations clean up their act, which it did.
Ma Momma’s House of Cornbread, Chicken and Waffles opened Feb. 1 of 2013 at 5741 Crowder Blvd. The owner is Bounce music impresario Earl J. Mackie, who with partner Henry F. Holden,  founded the Take Fo' Records label in the early ’90s.

This isn't Mackie's first spin in the food biz, He was one of the owners of Big Momma’s Chicken & Waffles, (with Henry F. Holden & Larry Lee), which operated in the same spot for three years.

Ma Momma’s House – despite the similar name – is a new concept, with new recipes and new management with a menu that spans from fried chicken and waffles to heart-healthy options such as grilled tilapia.